For almost 50 years, Thermal Engineering Corporation (TEC) has been the world leader in infrared innovation. With over 100 patents and patents pending dealing with radiant technology, no one knows more about infrared energy than we do.

Inevitably, people who first experience a TEC grill use the same or similar words to describe the difference - moist, juicy, tender. Of course, they are talking about the taste of the food, and there is a scientific reason why TEC grills preserve the maximum amount of moisture and natural flavor of food and other grills cannot.

Everything in nature is surrounded by a moisture boundary - a stagnate layer of air and water molecules. Infrared or radiant energy can penetrate this boundary without disturbing it, directly transferring its energy to the food with minimum moisture loss. Because food retains more of its own natural juices, it remains tender and juicy. Grills that use hot air to cook dry out food because hot air cannot penetrate food without disturbing the moisture boundary, and once this boundary layer is disturbed, the food is exposed to the drying effects of the hot air as it cooks.

Here are some of the models from TEC that we carry...

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