Alfresco was founded in the year 2000 with a single goal – to bring the products and features professional chefs demand to the backyard. While several high-end grill lines existed by this time, no one had created the complete line of products necessary to build a true open air kitchen. Alfresco set out to change that.

A real commercial kitchen is designed for maximum efficiency, with great ergonomics and much thought given to the entire food preparation process. For too long, outdoor cooking has been anything but efficient, relying heavily on the indoor kitchen for support. Alfresco™ has succeeded in its original goal of creating the products needed to build the ultimate open air kitchen, and create an outdoor food preparation environment that would please the most demanding professional chef.

Here are some of the models from Alfresco that we carry...

ALX2-30  ALX2-42SZ   ALX2-42SZC-oncart   ALX2-56BFG
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